Golf Cart Pairing Up – Are you one of the many groups who need 3 carts for 3 or 4 players? Please pair up when leaving the 1st Tee and make sure there are 2 riders in each cart. It is careless and adds age to our cart fleet if you don’t!
Golf Shop Vendors – Please know that just because you don’t see it in the golf shop doesn’t mean we can’t order it! We can compete and usually offer a better price on new products than most golf stores. Please ask a member of the golf staff for a price if you don’t see it in the golf shop.
Safety First – Please wait for the golfers ahead of you to clear the landing area before you hit your next shot. It only takes one errant shot to change our community. Are you really impatient enough to jeopardize someone’s life? If you are, think about someone doing the same thing to your spouse, child or best friend. It’s just a game!
Cigarette Butts & Trash – Please keep Vineyard Golf Green & Clean “No butts about it!” We would like to inform all smokers that we do have ashtrays for golf carts so please ask the staff for one and help us keep our golf courses free of butts!!!
Decorative Grasses – Please do not drive golf carts or push carts through the decorative grasses. There should never be any vehicles in the grass. This will not be tolerated.